Zara Larsson

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The conditions for becoming a pop icon in 2018 don’t differ all that much from in let’s say the 70ies. You have to be able to sing. You have to help shape the sound of today. You should surround yourself with top-notch producers. The stage is your natural habitat. And good looks are not essential but can be an asset. Now let’s see if Swedish pop wonder Zara Larsson checks all those boxes. Yes, she can sing, or she wouldn’t have won a big Swedish talent show at the age of eleven. As for sound and production, if you listen to her latest album “So good” (2017), you can hear Larsson has worked with some pretty experienced music producers who have placed her among the best female performers of today (Rihanna, Béyoncé, Taylor Swift,…). And Larsson live? We all had the chance to admire her at the opening of EURO2016, where the Eiffel tower was literally pushed to the background during her and David Guetta’s performance. Or if you missed that, you can watch the numerous live performance videos on YouTube. And while you’re at it, you can check out her good looks as well. So if you’re not allergic to hits, young people going crazy, powerful vibes and a world famous pop phenomenon we would suggest you buy a ticket for our closing festival day.

Listen on: Spotify.