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Did you know that nine out of ten Belgian and Dutch bands refuse to be scheduled in the line-up after Triggerfinger? Understandably so, because you’d have to give all you’ve got to keep the audience as enthusiastic as they were during the Triggerfinger gig. Last year they added another astonishingly good album ‘Colossus’ to their already impressive and acclaimed back catalogue. And although the album’s cover looks more like something for a German speed metal band in 1986, this threesome are like alchemists who turn simple riffs into gold. With Ruben Block as perfect frontman, Paul van Bruystegem, aka Lange Polle, on the bass playing the coolest bass riffs you can imagine and Mario Goossens as one of the best drummers in Western Europe, Triggerfinger has been on the scene for about twenty years. It’s a powerful band playing fantastic songs and with the most acclaimed Belgian album of 2017 to their name. We’re sure that not only their loyal fan base will come to Lokeren on Tuesday 7 august. I guess we’d better start ironing our ‘sold out’ banner.

Listen on: Spotify.