The Prodigy

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Pay close attention, The Prodigy is not only one of the absolute headliners at the Lokerse Feesten 2018, but also without a doubt top of the bill of the whole of the nineties. As a true war machine they conquered the English rave scene with ‘Charly’ (1991) and never left the battlefield after that. The singles ‘No good’, ‘Poison’, ‘Breathe’, ‘Smack my bitch up’, etc. re-introduced some anarchy and excitement to the by then Brit pop and grunge dominated charts. Their live shows exhilarated both fans and critics. They can also easily play a full set with the music they produced after the turn of the century. Just think about ‘Baby’s got temper’, ‘Invaders must die’, ‘World’s on fire’ or ‘Omen’. Dance music has produced more than one spectacular live act - Leftfield! Orbital! Daft Punk! Chemical Brothers! Underworld! - but only The Prodigy can make a complete concert hall or festival ground go out of their minds. We can’t wait to hear you scream ‘I’ll take your brain to another dimension’ on Thursday 9 August. The madness, the ear buzzing afterwards and especially : the euphoria. Pay close attention!

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