Steel Panther

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What a memorable night it was in 2016, when Steel Panther last played at the Lokerse Feesten. Those who were there knew what to expect: profane and humorous lyrics with over-the-top performances true to the glam metal lifestyle. You’ll want to procure your spot at the front of the stage on 5 August because Steel Panther will pick up where it left off in 2016: making you laugh and headbang your head off. For the moment we haven’t picked up on any rumours of a new album, but what does it matter, anyway. You can still howl along with the choruses of ‘Death to all but metal’, ’17 girls in a row’, ‘Gloryhole’ or ‘She’s tight’. Watch that unedited version of ‘Party like tomorrow is the end of the world’ again and get ready for Steel Panther in Lokeren 2.0. Don’t forget your headband, hairspray, eyeliner and leather pants.

Listen on: Spotify.