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Soulwax at the Lokerse Feesten! We’ve had to wait nineteen year to be able to say this again and the band still only has one mission: conquer the Grote Kaai and squash the competition. If we had to describe them in one word, then unpredictable would certainly spring to mind. No one masters the art of misleading the audience better than the Dewaele brothers. In the time between their last performance at the Lokerse feesten and now, they have transitioned from a rowdy and boisterous rock ‘n roll style into an ingenious electronic sound created in their home studio Deewee. 2manydjs, Radio Soulwax, Nite versions. Golden years, golden records. And then came ‘From Deewee’ (2017), a combination of warm drum sounds (Igorr Cavalera!) with retro-futuristic bleeps resulting in top-notch quality equaling bands like Telex, Front 242 and Polyphonic Size. They exceeded all expectations and ‘From Dewee’ became a classic that captivates about every generation of music lover. And hardly a year later they released ‘Essential’, another brilliant concept. So hurry on up to the Grote Kaai on Thursday 9 August!

Listen on: Spotify.