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When we saw Prentenders performing at Rock Werchter last year, only one thought kept going through our minds: we should really try to get them on our stage! And look, one year later we are so incredibly happy to announce the most legendary band that will be playing in our 2018 edition. While they are not the world’s youngest band, their hit singles like ‘Kid’, ‘Brass in pocket’, ‘Back on the chain gang’, ‘I’ll stand by you’ or ‘Don’t get me wrong’, have definitely stood the test of time. But putting them in the corner of nostalgic bands would be a step too far, because their music is still as scorching hot as ever. With one of the last girls of the punk generation standing, Pretenders will bring you seventy-five minutes of excitement, attitude and world songs. If you have better plans for that Tuesday night, then your life is definitely more exciting than ours.

Listen on: Spotify.