Buy tickets2017 Kasabian Press Shot Phil Knott

When you say Leicester, we say football and of course Kasabian! When their debut single first came to our ears, we thought our dreams had finally come true. It was as if all of our favourite bands - the Animals, The Rolling Stones, The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Oasis - had given away some of their excess talent and forged it together to form a new spectacular band. Luckily at the time of their early singles ‘Club foot’ and ‘L.S.F.’ there was no such thing as a smartphone, so there was no risk of our crazy dance moves ending up on the internet. Kasabian is the kind of band that after their very first rehearsal would have made a list of all the big concert halls and festivals they planned on headlining and by now they have been able to check off a lot of those places. Except of course the Lokerse Feesten, but they’ll finally be ticking that box on Friday 10 August. They’ll be bringing a lot of fantastic sing-along songs, a new album ‘For crying out loud’ (2017) and probably a whole bunch of home front fans, who will be enjoying more than just the Lokerse Feesten atmosphere. We’ll make sure to order some extra crates and barrels of Belgian beer to accommodate them.

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