Judas Priest

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When the leading magazine Rolling Stone published their top 100 of best metal albums of all times some months ago, no less than three Judas Priest albums featured in that list. The Birmingham band’s magnum opus ‘British steel’ (1980) even reached third place, easily beating the best of Slayer, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Def Leppard and Ozzy. It has been hard keeping it quiet and we’re so happy we can finally let the cat out of the bag: Judas Priest is coming to Lokeren and they are the perfect headliner for our 2018 Metal Day. As a relatively young band they took the torch from Black Sabbath in the 70s and gave heavy metal its current form, introducing leather, studs and spikes and increasing both volume and pace. With these ingredients, their talent and under the leadership of motor freak Rob Halford they chase punk, disco and new wave back into oblivion. Under the flag of New wave of British Heavy Metal Judas Priest conquers the world, with battle songs like ‘Screaming for vengeance’, ‘Painkiller’, ‘Metal Gods’, ‘Hell bent for leather’, ‘You’ve got another thing coming’ or ‘Breaking the law’ leading to certified victory. After losing Ronnie James Dio, Jeff Hanneman, Lemmy and Malcolm Young it sometimes feels like Judas Priest are one of the last ones standing nowadays. So if you’re a metal fan you know what to do: buy yourself a ticket, put on your black t-shirt and be glad you can still head bang to the music of one of the true legends.

Listen on: Spotify.