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Name? Gojira. Country of origin? France. Their goal? To kick ass and wake the metal scene up from its constant hibernation. Mission? More than accomplished! Gojira’s merciless raid to the top reached its absolute and provisional climax with ‘Magma’ (2016), an album that faced unrealistic expectations but lived up to every single one of them. With two Grammy nominations, bigger concert halls and airplay for singles like ‘Stranded’ and ‘Silvera’, the album finally opened up the rampart that shields the absolute top of the metal scene from new talent. However, for many fans it was the album ‘From Mars to Sirius’ (2005) that unexpectedly filled the void after Sepultura’s split. It is also on that album that Gojira revealed itself as the very first metal band to express concern for the environment. We, on the other hand, are more concerned about their impact on the Lokeren environment on Sunday 5 August! The Richter scale will be going crazy once this killer band gets rid off the competition on our Lokerse Feesten stage.

Listen on: Spotify.