Front 242

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Despite what many popular Antwerp or Ghent bands might think, when it comes to Belgian bands that have really left a mark in the international music scene, there are only two that spring to mind: Telex and Front 242. And although press reviews in the band’s early days weren’t so praising, ‘colder than a fridge on steroids’, the love between those two flourished in the course of the years. How did they manage that? By constantly exceeding on the quality level (‘Tragedy for you’, ‘Body to body’, Funkadhafi’,…) and by applying guerilla techniques on their live shows, giving them an aura of danger and mysticism. Classic songs like ‘No Shuffle’ and ‘Headhunter’ are still popular among fans that live far beyond European borders. So yeah, as far as world renowned Belgian representatives are concerned Telex and Front 242 were the Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard of the 80s: models of the quality label “Made in Belgium”. The band Telex no longer exists and we don’t know what Kevin and Eden are doing on 11 August, but we do know where Front 242 will be that day and that’s on the main stage of the Lokerse Feesten.

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