Die Antwoord

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Die Antwoord is one of the craziest acts we’ve seen on stage the last decades. Not exactly an example of good manners but their act should be seen as playful banter and not taken too seriously. They are more colourful than a complete collection of My Little Ponies and Teletubbies combined and good taste is deliriously made fun of. Their combination of hip-hop and 90s rave seems to work surprisingly well and has brought them one success after the other. Some of their song titles ‘Jou Ma Se Poes In'N FishPaste Jar’, ‘Fok Julle Naaiers’ or ‘U make a Ninja wanna fuck’, might give you an idea of what to expect. Die Antwoord is like nothing you’ve seen before, exciting AF with two of the craziest weirdos you’ve ever come across. It will be by far the silliest Saturday in the history of the Lokerse Feesten, so don’t miss it.

Listen on: Spotify.