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Together with Magritte and Tintin the Antwerp based band is one of the best Belgian cultural export products ever. Just check out the complete works of dEUS and you will realize the importance of this phenomenal, cosmopolitan band. You’ve probably already heard they introduced a new guitar player, Bruno De Groote, which brings the total number of musicians that ever played with dEUS close to the number of ex-members of The Fall. Once again a different dynamic for Barman and friends, but the essence will always be the same: combining heartwarming beauty with musical interference giving it a razor-sharp edge. It’s exactly that exciting duality of compassion and ruckus that makes dEUS one of the most unique and acclaimed European bands of all times. And what about a new album? My, my! How they test our patience. Their last album ‘Following sea’ already dates back six years! We ought to spank them for making us wait all this time and we might just do that on our Indie Friday on 10 August when Barman and company will be doing what they do best: not losing their cool in front of a full house, dropping some stitches and picking them back up and turning them into an art form of its own. If you are into guitar bands that combine intimacy with unsettling ruckus, that switch between soft and loud without hesitation and that will spoil you with an hour and a half of fantastic radio hits, then you know where to order your ticket.

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