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World famous in Belgium, 2manydjs is the side project of the two Dewaele brothers from Ghent who also form the band Soulwax. The name is derived from one of Soulwax’ top songs and their aim is to bring creativity and entertainment to the next level. The brothers own a record collection Spotify can only dream of and their music knowledge is so extensive they are practically walking music encyclopedias. Sharing this knowledge with the world is exactly what 2manydjs is all about. The way they mix, let’s say, The Clash with Basement Jaxx or 10cc with Destiny’s Child is so unique, they deserve to have the world at their feet. And showing the respective album covers during their live dj set is a brilliant move. It’s not clear yet what we can expect from them this year but one thing is for sure: musical borders will be crossed. On their website they were recently working on a remix of a Krokus song. Krokus, for crying out loud! The only hard rock band whose records you can’t even sell at a flea market. So make sure to put on your dancing shoes and get ready to cross some borders!